What is the average cost of raising a dog?

It is more expensive than you might think to raise a dog. It can be overwhelming at first, especially because the costs are so high. There are still many unanticipated costs, even if they’re anticipated to some degree. Check out the estimated cost to raise a puppy.

What is the cost of raising a dog?

Dogs vary greatly in price depending on their size. Most Koreans raise small or medium-sized breeds, but if you want to have a larger dog you will need to budget more than 130,000 Won per month.

Essential dog daily essentials

1. Feen and snacks

Snacks and food Buying snacks and food costs money.
It accounts for almost half the cost to raise a dog.
Treats are expensive because many dogs love to eat.

2. Potty pad

Dog poop pads If cats use litter, then dogs will have dog pooppads.
The cost of potty pads is high because they have to be replaced every day.

In this situation, costs may be higher because some dogs do not re-use a pad once they have urinated on it.

If you completely defecate outside, however, there are no additional costs for toilet pads. You should instead pay attention to your bowel movements by going on a daily walk or taking a longer break.

3. Walking supplies

When walking your dog, you will also require a number of other supplies. A litter bag and a lead leash is essentially essential.

Depending on the weather or season, you might also need clothing (raincoats and winter clothes). Shoes.

You can also buy walking bags and water bottles.

4. Furniture such as dog cushions and houses

Dog furniture such as cushions, houses and other items is also needed.
If you suffer from a luxating kneecap, you may want to consider buying your dog stairs. Or, you might buy him a cushion to make his sleep more comfortable.

In some cases, cushions are replaced by dog houses because dogs feel more secure in dark areas.

5. Hygiene and Beauty

Hygiene and beauty You can also buy supplies to help you manage your dog’s hygiene, including shampoo, tear cleaners, ear cleaners, brushes, combs, and ear cleaners.
Grooming dogs can be expensive.

The cost of grooming a dog can vary widely depending on its size, breed, length, shape, and type of cut.

6. Toy

Toys are more than toys for play.
This helps to strengthen the bonds between caregivers and their loved ones, reduces stress, releases energy, etc.

Separation anxiety can also be treated and reduced by using this product.

Dog health care

1. Vaccinations

Every year, vaccinations against rabies, enteritis and coronavirus must be given.
It is important that your dog receives the necessary vaccinations.

Please note, however, that if your pet has been registered, the government will provide you with a free rabies vaccination.

2. Neutering surgery

The cost of Neutering Surgery Neutering surgeries usually cost hundreds of thousands won.
The cost of surgery can be more expensive depending on your gender and health.

Neutering is not without its pros and cons. Think carefully about your decision before you make it.

3. Health screenings

A health checkup is recommended at least one time a year.
As their immune system, physical stamina and functions slowly decline, it is important to have older dogs get regular health checks.

In the event of a check-up for health, multiple tests are conducted. These include blood tests (blood test), XRAYs and others. It may be expensive depending on how far the disease has progressed.

4. Illness and Emergencies

Dogs can also develop illnesses or emergency situations.
The cost of hospitalization, surgeries, testing, medication, and nutritional supplements can be different.

The cost of raising a dog and other information

1. Training

It can be difficult at times to correct a dog’s bad behavior by yourself.
Additional costs may be incurred by hiring a trainer in order to resolve this problem.

2. Play and consignment facilities

Facilities for play and foster Dogs are more likely to be left alone than cat.
There are 1.5 times more cases reported of dogs being left in hotels and kindergartens.

3. Pet insurance

Dogs can be insured, even though pet insurance isn’t required.
Consider which dog insurance policy is right for you before signing up.