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Loans in Korea can be broadly divided into three types:
Credit loans, Mortgage loans, and Low-income loans.

Mortgage loan refers to a loan in which money is borrowed using physical collateral.

In the case of secured loans, private assets such as bank deposits, cars, and real estate are provided as collateral, so they have the advantage of relatively low interest rates and high loan limits.

Credit loan is a form of loan that borrows money without physical collateral based on an individual’s credit evaluation.

In the case of credit loans, loans are made taking into account the individual’s credit evaluation, financial transaction history, and stability of the workplace, so the loan process is relatively less complicated, but the loan limit is low and the interest rate is high.

Low-income loan is a loan system supported by the government and public institutions for the common people experiencing economic difficulties.

This product is for the financially underprivileged who have difficulty using institutional financial companies such as regular banks due to income below a certain level or low credit rating.

Since the characteristics of the three types of loans are different, customers must decide on the type of loan by considering the amount needed and the interest rate.

Korea’s financial system

Primary financial institutions

Refers to general banks excluding securities companies, insurance and credit card companies, and credit cooperative organizations.

Secondary financial sector

Includes financial institutions “excluding general banks belonging to the primary financial sector,” such as the aforementioned securities and insurance companies, credit card companies, mutual finance companies, capital, and savings banks.

Third financial institutions

Refers to private financial institutions such as loan companies and private loan companies. If you have difficulty obtaining a loan from an institutional financial institution, you can choose a third-party financial institution, but since the interest rate is higher than that of first- and second-tier financial institutions, you need to think carefully about whether you can repay in the future before using it.

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