AAMF Association holds Korea’s first AI artist exhibition

The AAMF (AI Artist Multi Fair) Association will hold Korea’s first AI artist exhibition at Gallery 71 in Samcheong-dong from April 15th to 29th.

The exhibition is titled ‘How many artworks can we create?

It was designed to support and inform artists who create using AI technology.
Writers “Youngju Yoo”, “Yumi Lee”, and “Jiyoung Jeon” participated in the first event.

This exhibition features a variety of works created through AI technology.
Participating artists created original works using AI with their own styles and themes.
Through this exhibition, visitors can directly experience the creativity and technical skills of AI artists.
Additionally, a project will be conducted to experiment with how many works can be created on one topic using AI.

Art created through AI technology has many characteristics that differentiate it from traditional painting.
It is more diverse and abstract, relying on multiple artistic techniques instead of one.
It is also more generative, and can be generated over time by giving the algorithm different prompts or parameters. It is often influenced by cultural and historical context, as it draws from extensive datasets of various styles and genres.

However, it can also have a more direct and personal touch.
For example, an artist can input specific text prompts that the AI will interpret and create.
Then, an artist can evaluate and modify the output to shape their desired final image.
For example, a person might type in “An elephant playing chess on the moon.”
The algorithm will generate various images of an elephant with a crescent moon and stars, while also adjusting colors, texture, and other elements to reflect a more imaginative or surreal image.

Art that is generated through AI can be surprisingly sophisticated, as demonstrated by the work of artists such as Dall-E and Midjourney.
These models are based on algorithms called Generative Adversarial Networks or Variational Autoencoders, which are trained on vast datasets that contain images of many artistic styles, genres, and influences.
They are able to produce highly realistic and detailed images, and can even imitate more abstract or surreal works like Van Gogh’s Starry Night or Picasso’s Guernica.